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Why choose Charles J. Argento & Associates?

I think the most important thing is that for my first ten years of practice I represented people who were sued, so I worked with the insurance companies and learned what their thinking was, how they evaluated a case, and what a case was worth. For my first ten years of practice I did that regarding automobile accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, toxic torts, and all various personal injury types of cases. With that experience, I have inside knowledge on what makes them pay, what information they need, and also the things that they’re looking for to prevent you from getting any kind of money. I think that is a unique thing which most people do not have practicing for 30 years, and is just invaluable in trying to get people the maximum money they deserve.

What drove you to focus on personal injury law?

I’ve always been interested in trying to help people. I wanted to learn what it took for insurance companies to pay top money on cases. So I decided to defend personal injury lawsuits for corporations and insurance companies. Now I know exactly what it takes to make them pay the maximum money and benefits my clients deserve.

Do you have any landmark cases or notable cases that you have handled?

Yes, I have several cases that I have handled. The first is a $16.5 million product liability case. There were three deaths in this case. The next is a $6 million dollar settlement for an operated back and neck resulting from a truck accident. I also had a $5 million operated neck from a trucking case that we received money on and a $4 million construction accident case where a worker fell off a roof. I had a $3.5 million medical malpractice suit against a doctor where my client lost an arm as a result of negligence. I had a $6 million toxic exposure case. Thousands of people were exposed to toxic fumes. There was a $1 million auto accident case requiring back surgery; a $500,000.00 auto case for an operated back; and a $100,000.00 auto accident case involving numerous injuries.

When it comes to collecting compensation justly due, one cannot rely on people’s good intentions. We all have good intentions, but when questions of liability arise, we often have different beliefs concerning who is at fault. That is when it becomes necessary to enlist the aid of professional representation. There is no shortage of accident attorneys in Houston TX, but in order to win your case and receive compensation for an injury, you must have the right counsel. The right counsel can ensure that you are treated fairly during the entire legal process. Charles J. Argento is the right counsel for three important reasons: he provides must-have representation, he has a proven track record, and he has a deep and genuine concern for his clients.

Must-have Representation

If you have been the victim of an accident through no fault of your own, whether it is an automotive, workplace, or other type of accident, and if you expect just compensation, then you must have adequate representation. But not all attorneys, particularly car accident lawyers, are equal in competence any more than all athletes are equal in skill or all automobiles are equal in speed. Indeed, the quality of car, motorcycle, or truck accident attorneys varies greatly, and when your well-being rests upon receiving compensation for an injury, you do not want to take chances. You want the best. Charles J. Argento is among the best accident attorneys in both Houston and all of Texas. Calling himself the best is not an idle boast when it comes from Charles. He has the credentials to prove it.

Proven Track Record

Charles J. Argento has repeatedly, year-after-year, been a recipient of the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings AV classification. Mr. Argento not only receives the award every year, but he also receives the award’s highest classification, the AV Preeminent rating. Only the top five percent of accident attorneys reach this level of rank among peers. From his present status as award winning personal injury attorney, Charles can look back at a long line of hard work and excellence, always delivering the highest levels of professionalism. And Charles’s career hasn’t been only about winning awards. Awards have been a welcome acknowledgement, but the real focus of Charles’s practice has been winning cases. In over 30 years of leading a wildly successful legal practice, Charles has built a solid reputation in the legal community and has become a highly respected Houston accident attorney by his most frequent adversary, the insurance companies.

Compassion for Clients

Dazzling talent in the courtroom and in negotiations with adversaries is but one reason to choose Charles J. Argento. There are other important reasons, and Charles’s compassion towards his clients is paramount among them. Winning for the sake of winning can promote a career, but Charles J. Argento’s core motivation comes from his unwavering concern for those who need his help. He first shows his concern for his clients by making their consultation with an attorney risk-free. In addition to the free, no obligation, consultation, Charles works on a contingency basis. This means that clients do not pay upfront for services. There are absolutely no fees or costs until you win your case, and this is the element of legal representation that many clients find so surprising. In fact, Charles J. Argento is so certain of his ability to provide the best representation possible that he risks his payment against his chances of winning. In other words, if you win, Charles gets paid. If you lose, Charles loses with you. But Charles J. Argento does not lose, and neither will you when you chose him as your accident attorney for cases in Houston or all of South Texas.

Aggressive representation against adversaries like giant insurance companies is but one way that Charles exhibits his compassion for clients. Yet another way involves helping clients realize their immediate needs. Often in personal injury cases, medical attention is needed immediately, but the victim lacks medical insurance. In such cases, Mr. Argento is often able to arrange for medical treatment at a facility near the client with charges deferred until compensation for the injury is received.

In a world with no shortage of personal injury attorneys, the challenge is to find the right counsel. In all personal injury cases, Charles J. Argento is the right counsel. For over 30 years, Charles has been recognized by both peers and adversaries as among the best in his field. And long before peers began giving Charles the recognition he deserved, he compiled a long list of satisfied clients.

Call Charles today at (713) 225-5050 and let him help you too.

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