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DWI Driver’s Rights

1. Tender driver’s license and proof of insurance.

2. If not allowed to leave, invoke your RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, and tell them you
do not wish to make any statements, and you do not wish to answer any questions relating   to the consumption of alcohol.  Tell them that you choose not to take any   field sobriety tests, or coordination tests, (i.e. balancing tests, nose touch, ABC’S etc.).

3. Tell them that you do not consent to a breath test, unless (1) the sample of breath you give
is preserved by a neutral testing facility by personnel of your own choosing conducted in
compliance with Texas law (Keep in mind that refusal to take testresults in a suspension of your driver’s license and this can be used against you at trial)

4. Tell them that you do not consent to a search of your person, vehicle, or any other  property.

5. Immediately invoke your right to an attorney and request that you be allowed to call
Houston Criminal Attorney, CHARLES J. ARGENTO AT (713) 225-5050.  Tell them you will not answer any further questions unless your attorney, CHARLES J. ARGENTO, IS PRESENT.

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