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Truck Accident Lawyers Houston

Houston Truck Accident Attorneys

Legal advice and lawsuit representation after an accident involving the negligent operation of a 18 wheeler or tractor-trailer on Houston, Texas roads.

What are the laws governing truck accident claims in Texas?

The laws governing truck accident claims are very similar to people who are driving cars. The major differences are that in trucking accidents, it is very important to have a lawyer who understands how to win these cases. Most trucking companies are required to keep a log with the truck, which includes proper maintenance of the vehicle. Individual truckers and companies must have proper log books, training for drivers, which includes the various things they are carrying on their rigs or trailers. If they are not properly trained, it could be dangerous for them to be out on the road. It is very important that you look for things such as, whether the driver has taken on too many runs, that he hasn’t had proper sleep. All these things are in the log books and is information that you can use in a case. Trucking companies have governors that regulate the speed on the truck, GPS systems that can tell you exactly the details of the driver’s trip. This can include any detours or any problems along the way. These are all the types of things that are very important in developing a case to maximize the biggest reward possible.

How is the legal process different with accidents involving big rigs?

The difference in the legal process is you are dealing usually with big companies which can have their own adjustors on a case, or they can have outside insurance adjustors. A lot of times these big companies monitor what is paid out on a claim because they have what’s called the “self-insured retention” where the first bits of money, may be $50,000.00, $100,000.00, or $1 million. This comes out of their own pocket before any insurance money is paid out. These cases are closely scrutinized and these companies are not going to pay any money unless a lawyer knows exactly what you are doing.

How do you prove the commercial trucking company is liable?

One of the biggest things is to show that the person who works for them is, in fact, actually working for them and not an independent contractor. If you can establish that they, were not properly trained or didn’t get adequate rest or the vehicle was not properly maintained. These are all the types of things the trucking companies are required to do before they put their vehicles out on the road. Some other things that cause these accidents is the tires are in bad shape, underinflated, or other issues with the tires. They may also have air brakes that are not properly maintained and need to be replaced. One of the biggest problems is these vehicles need a great deal of distance compared to a normal automobile to stop and get under control. The visibilities on these vehicles are also extremely difficult and dangerous for the public.

Should I file a police report after an accident involving an 18-wheeler?

I think people need to file an accident report, whether it be with an 18-wheeler accident or a car accident. It is very important to establish that an accident happened and have the police officers, thoroughly investigate the accident. I am finding more and more people are not reporting car accidents and 18-wheeler accidents thinking that they can handle it themselves, and exchange the proper information. What we are finding is most of the insurance companies and corporations are denying to pay for any kind of property damage or personal injury because there wasn’t an official source out there to investigate the accident properly. It is very important to file a report every time.

Why choose Charles Argento to handle truck accident cases?

For the first ten years of my 26 years of practicing law, I defended trucking companies and companies that allowed their trucks to be out on the road. I know exactly what they are looking for to deny claims or to pay big money. There are all sorts of things that trucking companies do to hide essential details and information from an individual attorney who doesn’t know what to look for. Much of that has to do with log books that are kept, maintenance records, proper safety training for the drivers, proper sleep and other things that could help prevent an accident.

There are no “minor” accidents involving a 18 wheeler, tractor-trailer or semi truck on Houston, Texas roads. The sheer size of these vehicles and the speeds at which they travel contribute to thousands of catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths each year, usually as a result of negligence on the part of the truck operator or trucking company in the following ways:

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Drunk Driver
  • Speeding
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Tailgating
  • Improper Loading
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Poor Training
  • Fake Log Books

Charles J. Argento, is a Houston truck accident attorney who is highly trained in personal injury litigation and accident investigation in order to identify ALL responsible parties and secure the maximum settlement for your very real injuries. We have developed a reputation throughout Texas for our attention to detail and dogged determination in pursuit of the facts of a truck accident case, including circumstances related to:

  • Missing Signage
  • Vehicle Defect
  • Dangerous Road Surfaces
  • Poor Roadway Design
  • Maintenance

Houston, Texas big rig drivers and trucking companies must follow strict state and Federal guidelines for the safe operation of these enormous vehicles. When a negligent accident occurs, you have legal rights that must be protected as you assess injuries, plan for long-term care and pay for medical bills. A large-scale personal injury lawsuit against a major corporation or insurance company is expensive and complex, requiring substantial legal and financial resources beyond the means of most people.  Houston 18 wheeler accident attorney, Charles J. Argento, takes these types of lawsuits on contingency, meaning there is never a fee until we recover damages either through negotiations or litigation in the state and federal courts.

If you’ve been involved in a negligent truck accident on Houston roads, contact the Houston truck accident lawyer, Charles J. Argento,  immediately to preserve the evidence and protect your legal rights. The first consultation is free and bilingual staff is available for Spanish casework when necessary

Charles J. Argento is a skilled negotiator and respected litigator, offering sound legal advice and the aggressive defense of his client’s legal rights in both the Texas State and Federal courts. Based in Houston, we represent clients throughout Texas, including Houston, Brazoria and Orange County and the cities of Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley.

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