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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Houston

Injury at Work Lawyers Houston

Houston Injury At Work Attorneys Helping Texas workers recover compensation from ALL responsible parties after a work accident

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Houston, Texas workers in the construction, oil, agriculture – ranching, mining or other industries enjoy workplace protection under OSHA and state guidelines. An employer is required by law to maintain a safe workplace, including proper training, equipment and safety procedures. In Texas, Workers’ Compensation Insurance is not required for employers. If your Company is a Subscriber (has Workers’ Compensation Insurance), your injury on the job would be covered under Workers’Compensation. These benefits include medical bills, lost wages, disability compensation and death benefits.

If your Company does not have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, then they are a Non-Subscriber and you can sue your employer directly for your injuries. Additionally, if the injury was caused by someone other than your employer and or property owner, the injured party would have the right to sue the person responsible. This is called a Third Party Case and would include such events as a car accident, defective product or equipment, even an explosion or exposure to toxic materials.

Unfortunately, Texas Workers’ Compensation benefits are frequently denied or may not cover the cost of lost wages, medical bills and long-term care, leaving you struggling to provide for your family.  Charles J. Argento, assists Texas workers in the recovery of personal injury compensation from responsible third parties, including equipment manufacturers and contractors. Charles J. Argento and his legal staff work hard to protect our client’s legal rights and recover damages  for injuries caused in the workplace, which include:

Construction Accidents; Car Accidents; Truck Accidents; 18 Wheeler Accidents; Ladders; Scaffolding; Elevators; Lifts; Burns; Explosions; Electrocution; Toxic Exposure; Fires; Cave – Ins; Lifts; Cranes; Forklifts; Graters; Bulldozers; Heavy Equipment; Industrial Machinery; Offshore Accidents; Oil Rigs;

Our highly motivated and bilingual teams of legal professionals are skilled at the investigation of a Houston workplace accident and the accurate assessment of injuries. These types of cases are complex and expensive to mount, requiring substantial legal and financial resources beyond the means of most Houston, Texas employees. As such, we always offer a free, no obligation consultation to all potential clients and take each job injury lawsuit on contingency, meaning there are no fees until we secure a settlement for your injuries.

The interplay between Workers’ Compensation, Non-Subscriber and Third Party Cases is confusing and will require an experienced Houston Injury At Work Lawyer. Charles J. Argento will help guide you through the process. If you’ve been hurt on the job, contact our Houston personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation and legal advice in either English or Spanish.

Charles J. Argento is a skilled negotiator and respected litigator, offering sound legal advice and the aggressive defense of his client’s legal rights in both the Texas State and Federal courts. Based in Houston, we represent clients throughout Texas, including Houston, Brazoria and Orange County and the cities of Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen and the Rio Grande Valley. Contact us at (713)822-5050